Big Job. Smart Machine.

We're in our element when challenged by complex cases - even when up against super-sized law firms. Smart people applying the right tools can resolve almost anything.

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is a Measure of Success.

A top CEO safely navigates a criminal investigation, with no charges. Maybe we helped her…. We can't say.

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Legalese. Simplified.

Relationships can be complicated. We simplify them. Because when the language is clear, disputes both personal and professional can be resolved peacefully - and economically.

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Tremendous energy.
Put to good work.

And we thrive on giving back! Our attorneys serve on local boards, lead non-profit groups and contribute countless hours to important pro bono work.

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Innovative Legal Strategies

James, McElroy & Diehl brings a unique culture and a smart, effective style to the practice of law. Our innovative legal strategies and no-nonsense counsel produce the best possible outcomes for our clients, even when faced with legal problems many consider unsolvable.

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Fair, Efficient, & Economical for Over 60 Years

For 60 years, we've helped individuals and businesses avoid issues, overcome obstacles and minimize consequences – fairly, efficiently and economically. In fact, we're in our element when challenged by complex cases, particularly when up against super-sized law firms.

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Hard Working Approach and Holistic Focus

James, McElroy & Diehl takes a lean but hard working approach to delivering comprehensive representation. We know that what succeeds, in negotiations or in the courtroom, is a holistic focus on the substance of law, our client's objectives and mastery of the facts.