Blumenthal Performing Arts Spotlights James, McElroy & Diehl Sponsorship Initiative

April 18, 2019 (Charlotte, N.C.)—Blumenthal Performing Arts (BPA) recently sat down with James, McElroy & Diehl (JMD) to discuss how their support of the arts creates greater positive change within our community.

BPA: Why does James, McElroy & Diehl invest in the arts?

JMD: For 60 years, we’ve been honing creative legal strategies into an art form, fusing practical counsel with compassionate advocacy, and leveraging our unique culture – all to help North Carolina individuals and businesses meet their goals. After more than half a century of making an impact with our clients, JMD wanted to make a lasting impact within our city. The firm decided to become a Signature Partner with Blumenthal Performing Arts, specifically as the Charlotte Jazz Festival Education Sponsor.

BPA: How has your company and employees benefited from this investment?

JMD: We wanted the chance to make a real contribution to improving and growing our city – both culturally and economically. That kind of investment comes back tenfold – and in the process, many of our attorneys have the opportunity to participate in the arts in Charlotte as well.

BPA: Why Blumenthal? And, Why the Charlotte Jazz Festival?

JMD: Supporting the arts, and especially arts education, in Charlotte is important for strengthening our community and stimulating economic growth. Being a good corporate citizen and supporting BPA was really the obvious choice for JMD. As far as reach and overall ability to make a real mark in this area, Blumenthal just really stands out. Supporting the Jazz Festival also felt right. We’ve got a bunch of music lovers here and being part of the education aspect – helping students build life-long skillsets in creativity, inventiveness, social relationships, innovation and critical thinking – was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.

BPA: Lastly, why is investing in the arts is good for business?

JMD: Investing in the arts is good for everyone. The arts are a critical cornerstones of our communities, cultures and economy. Specific to the economy and business, studies have shown that the arts provide many economic benefits including stimulating commerce, producing tax revenue, creating jobs, and even stabilizing property values. In addition, the arts can attract tourists, other businesses and local residents, while also working to assist impoverished populations and revitalize inner city areas. Making this kind of impact – facilitating positive growth and change in the business community and beyond – is a huge plus for JMD in our investment with BPA. This is a true win-win and we encourage other businesses to invest in the arts as well.

BPA’s published version is available on LinkedIn and here.