Fred Williams Selected as Founding Member and Presenter at Initial International Conference of New Professional Association

Fred Williams has been selected as founding member and expected presenter at the initial international conference of the IAMARP.

IAMARP is an association of professionals from various industries, including the legal, banking, accounting, legal education, and others, for the purpose of encouraging international contact to meet the member’s professional, educational and leadership needs; to increase the awareness of asset collection and recovery in the business and legal community; to prevent dissipation and usurpation of unlawfully transferred assets; to disseminate education on how to prevent such transfers and to recover the assets transferred by effective legal process and to educate members and the international community about the same. One of the chief aims of IAMARP is to educate law students about this process and to assist them in becoming good citizens of their countries and the international legal community.

Fred has been of counsel with James, McElroy and Diehl since 2004, when he retired after thirty-eight years as a lawyer with several federal agencies. He has represented and counseled persons involved in white collar criminal investigations, civil litigation and innovative business plans.