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Shareholder Disputes

Business partnerships occasionally devolve from high levels of trust in the beginning to bitter disputes at a later stage. Disagreements often center upon issues of compensation, strategic direction of the business, issues of control, and arguments about contributions, distributions and guaranties. Shareholder, partner or member disputes can be painful for the parties involved. Often, the outcomes turn upon careful interpretation of operating agreements or other documents and finding esoteric support in the case law. These disputes often involve several highly specialized areas of law.

The attorneys at James, McElroy & Diehl have worked with a broad range of businesses and business owners in effecting orderly and fair resolution of business disputes. We have extensive experience with the unique rules and procedures of the North Carolina Business Court. We also have several attorneys with graduate level training in finance and accounting, which further enables us to suggest and structure creative and sensible solutions to clients’ problems. Our attorneys also have a deserved reputation that we can successfully litigate the issues at trial or on appeal. In many instances, this combination of creativity, business knowledge and credibility have enabled us to find solutions through negotiation or mediation that entirely accomplished our client’s objectives while leaving the opposing party feeling successful. We are particularly proud of those outcomes